The Optical Superchannel

Optical Superchannel starts as a Brazilian research and development project, supported by Fapesp, run by a team of professors and students from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Engineering School of São Carlos , University of São Paulo , and researchers from the Optical Communication Group , at CPqD, Campinas .

Aiming the next generation of communication systems and networks, the project is structured upon three main lines, addressed in an integrated approach:

1. Data Plan: more tied to the hardware side, this line focuses mainly on the techniques of generating, transmitting and receiving flexible superchannels in long distance and access optical and hybrid (i.e. optical/wireless) networks.

2. Control Plan: to be incorporated in the optical network management, this software defined network oriented research line refers to the heterogeneous data traffic and how the network flexible and dynamically adapts itself to it, either with or without features of cognition.

3. Planning: seeks the development of tools to assist the planning and proposal of strategies for modernizing the existing optical networking infrastructure, taking into account, besides the technological issues, other factors such as the socioeconomic ones.

From a broader perspective, the Superchannel site is a conductive medium for reflection and discussion about how to reconcile different technologies in order to preserve the balance of the tripod efficiency-cost-simplicity. Thus, through a comprehensive analysis of the three main guidelines, a model for the next generation of optical networking may be envisioned and proposed as a reference for debates in international forums . With bilingual presentation, it is expected that the site grows modular, active and regularly, encouraging the enrollment of researchers, students and professionals of the area, independent of being directly linked to the project, as well as of general visitors interested in the topics covered on it.

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